Hint releases Itbrush: a Toothbrush that Brushes Right
February 18, 2013 – South Korea – The mantra of most dentists is that it does not matter which toothbrush you use, just how you use it. Itbrush, the brainchild of Dr. M.J. Kim and his dentist colleagues and newly released by Hint Co. Ltd., is designed to change the way you brush your teeth – the right way. The Itbrush is a twist, literally, on the standard manual toothbrush by allowing brushers to rotate the brush-head to a T-shape as well as using it in a standard straight shape.

Brushing teeth with the T-shape comes with several benefits: less risk of developing tooth abrasion (notches or dents in the teeth near the gumline due to excessive force brushing side-ways), greater ease of motion, effective tongue-cleaning and gum-massing, more penetration of bristles in between teeth thereby lessening the need for flossing, to name just a few. The Itbrush, which is currently available in two design models - X6 and A6 – was invented and developed by a group of dentists who for years pondered on how patients’ oral hygiene and dental care could be improved. “One of the Itbrush’s strengths is that it’s intuitive to use. Anyone, even a child, can brush their teeth properly using it, because it’s designed to make users brush their teeth in a vertical motion.”

The Itbrush was made to tilt slightly when rotated to provide for the most comfortable brushing angle. It is not only designed with a replaceable brush-head that makes it environmentally- and wallet-friendly, but with a design that is as beautiful as it is comfortable to use. Patented in U.S., Europe, China, Japan and South Korea, the Itbrush has taken four years from design concept to final finished product.

Currently, it is available for purchase at participating dental clinics (for a full list, please see www.yeshint.com/Itbrush/where-to-buy) and will start appearing at select retail outlets soon.
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