Bum Mo Yoon, D.D.S.
Dr. Yoon’s Dental Clinic

It is not easy to explain to patients how to brush your teeth correctly. When patients use the T-Brush, they are better able to use the correct method by themselves. It is particularly useful to teach children the right way to brush their teeth and to help them cultivate correct brushing habits from a young age.

Yun Myung Jung, D.D.S.
Myung Dental Clinic

This toothbrush is so comfortable because you can brush every corner of your teeth by rotating the brush. It is convenient to use in the morning when you are in a rush to get to work, and I like that it is multi-functional and can be used as tongue cleaner in the rotated shape.  

Young Gyoon Lee, D.D.S.
Seowon Dental Clinic

After years of brushing my teeth with my arm held horizontally, I find it much easier to brush with my arm held down moving vertically. I think this will be a great toothbrush for patients or the elderly. The toothbrush bristles penetrate between the teeth easily and it gives a really good inter-dental clean. I can tell this is an oral care product made by a dentist due to the level of attention to detail in such a small product.  

Hyuna Kim, D.D.S.
Busan Adventist Hospital

The brush-head that rotates to a T-shape makes the brushing motion of your arms more comfortable, and I think it will be effective in preventing tooth abrasion because it is gentle on your teeth near the gum-line. The “transformative” effect that is like a transformer robot makes it fun for children who do not like brushing their teeth to use, and it can also teach them lessons on being economical by being able to replace the brush-head. I thoroughly recommend this toothbrush because, like the company name, “Hint”, it gives the user “tips” on the up-keep of one’s oral hygiene.

Shi Won Kim, D.D.S.
Washington Dental Clinic

This is an innovative product that changes our preconceived notions of a toothbrush. Anyone can now brush their teeth with an up-and-down motion easily.

Hoe-gi Baek, D.D.S.
Dr. Baek’s Dental Clinic

This toothbrush is really original. It makes brushing teeth with the most commonly recommended technique - the Bass method - easy, as well as allowing you to brush your teeth with the easiest possible hand movement. The T-Brush brushes each section of teeth more thoroughly and brushing teeth has now become more fun! It is also a great tool for preventing tooth abrasion.

Na-Young Kim, D.D.S.
New Dental Clinic

It was difficult to teach patients the correct brushing technique but using the Itbrush makes it easy for anyone, as well as brushing every nook and cranny of the teeth cleanly. It’s great to see patients reporting that they now have healthier gums.

Kitech Commercialization of Ideas Consumer Response Survey Report’s Participants’ Reviews
“My teeth feel cleaner and more thoroughly brushed”

“It’s a product I can trust because it’s made by a dentist”

“I like the fact that the front teeth and molars, which are harder to clean, can be brushed functionally with the T-shape”

“Superior gum-massaging effect”

“The Itbrush is comfortable to use because the brush-head position can be controlled with a single flick”

“It saves me time when brushing teeth”