Where can I buy the Itbrush?
For the moment, Itbrushes are available at participating dental clinics in South Korea. For a full list, please see: Where to Buy. We are working on bringing Itbrushes to dentists and retail outlets near you.
Where can I find Itbrush replacement brush-heads?
Itbrush replacement brush-heads can also be bought at participating dental clinics in South Korea.
How do I use the Itbrush?
The Itbrush is designed to be used with the brush-head in two different positions for optimal cleaning. The standard I-shape can be used to brush hard-to-reach areas, while changing the toothbrush to a T-shape to brush front and side teeth come with many benefits. Please watch our demonstration video for more details.
How do I change the brush-head?
Twist the brush-head in an anti-clockwise direction until markers align and pull up. Place the new brush-head into the handle so that the markers align and twist clock-wise until the brush-head locks into the handle.
How long can I use a Itbrush handle?
Itbrush handles are guaranteed for use with two brush-heads, i.e. the original brush-head that comes with the handle and a replacement brush-head.
How often should I change my brush-heads?
It is recommended that you change your brush-head when the bristles become splayed and worn.
How can I offer a suggestion or feedback for your products?
We value your opinions, suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to email us through the comments section in Contact Us.